Hi, I'm Xavier Rosée.
I will help your game find its audience.
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If you're looking for a consultant with a deep understanding of the gaming and mobile markets coupled with creativity, grit and passion, you're at the right place.

Launch Strategy

I will plan and execute a comprehensive strategy for getting your game to market.

User Acquisition

I will grow your game's user base at scale, with a ROI-driven approach to match your core KPIs.

App Store Optimisation

I will analyse your game's store listing and provide actionable recommendations to increase conversion rate and discoverability.

Product and Monetisation

I will review and optimise your IAP or ad-based monetisation. Even if it means I have to integrate SDKs myself.

Game Analytics and UX

I will fix your acquisition and onboarding funnels. Yes, they are leaking. No, you don't know where yet.

Consulting on China

I will provide you with guidance to navigate the Chinese mobile market and operate your business there with the right partners.


Studios and publishers that trust me with marketing their games:

Ankama Games - UA, ASO and Product

Growing user base at scale and optimising player experience

Warzone: Clash of Generals - UA

Supporting a youtuber-focused launch strategy with paid acquisition

Fifth Journey - Marketing Strategy and Operations

Growing Hollywood IPs and their respective mobile games' success

The Ember Conflict - One-man Marketing Team

Launching an iOS strategy game with very strict budget limitations

Gameloft - Product Marketing

Branding and launching AAA mobile games

Xbox France Official Blog - Content Marketing

Promoting XBLA titles through high-value content

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